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First name
Last name


Flying from

Traveller - Explorer
Illustrator - Graphic Designer

Country of origin/residence
Your (emotional) luggage

Checked, with extra weight

Briefly, how would you describe your Flight-of-Insight?
Abstraction in Illustration.

Illustration is actually a very conservative field of the Creative Industry, in which you can fit (and therefore be employed) mostly fulfilling some requirements. The package you are supposed to check in is definitely figurative, possibly wrapped in printmaking techniques and constantly referring to the past of this discipline.

What I was trying to check in was instead a much broader idea of illustration, more of an image making sort of thing, where shapes and colors would mostly evoke a mood or an atmosphere rather then portraying a specific object or situation.


You were
Your seating preference


How did you feel?
Hungry for discovery, excited and fearless.

Then, after landing on the reality of the Creative Industry, I was a bit more insecure and ready to challenge myself out of my comfort zone.

Always very dreamy though.


How did you pass the time?
Listened to music

Please describe
Music is my first interest, equally important to travels. The two things are actually connected in my head, the music, the travels, the mind travels...therefore the ideas, the dreams and the projects.

You experienced
Your favourite drink

Earl Grey tea

Please describe
I experienced many things, turbulence, layovers. Never lost any luggage so far though. Somehow you always carry with you what you started with. Travelling to run away is not really possible.


What did you learn from
the experience?
Any suggestions to enhance the ride?

I'm still learning, though certainly that to travel you need to first investigate where you come from, find where you belong. This metaphor applies to every aspect of life.

Also, at the early stage in your career as both creative and traveller, you need to be open minded and flexible on your plans, be ready to change your mind and constantly question where you are at and where you are heading to.
Have no expectations, just follow your instinct with no itinerary.

Also, drop it immediately if at some point you start feeling miserable or confused or lonely. No goal is worth losing your mind over it.

Would you consider flying
again with this airline?
Would you recommend taking this leap to others?

I have the impression you don't quit on this airline.

After the first year it becomes somehow a lifestyle, not just something you do.
Only if the person is strong enough

Anything else you would like to declare?
As I said, it is a lifestyle after all, you can gain a lot from it but at the same time the risks are very high. Some people, luckily for the evolution of human kind, are just nonmigratory.

"Remember Your Roots,
Keep Your Eye on the Horizon" in Action

Sick & Wonder, Imaginary Cities: Bucolico e Decadente, 2013

Illustrations for a free press magazine based in Rome involving trends, topics and debates about contemporary architecture and design.

At its 8th edition, titled Sick & Wonder, the magazine highlights the aspects that led the global society to transitional "state of crisis", beyond which the future is unknown and depends on the final result of that struggle between Good and Evil.

Sick & Wonder, Imaginary Cities: Passato e Geometrie, 2013

Sick & Wonder, Imaginary Cities: Passato e Geometrie, 2013